SedahliaSedahlia by Cynthia D. Toliver
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sedahlia has a likable storyline. The story line offered many different looks into the past for readers. Sedahlia is a good historical romance. The romance between Rachel and Johnny was sweet, then sick. However, we know that stuff and so much more happened in that time-period. Johnny’s character was a surprise; the fact that he accepted Rachel for who she was and not the color of her skin. Johnny just saw a person that he loved period! It was refreshing to learn that Rachel and Johnny were not blood-related.
Sedahlia is about different families living on a ranch, hence the name of the book. The setting is post-civil war. Although the war is over, skin color and differences are still a factor. The families work together, experience losses and love. Temper, thievery, deception, and love all come into play. This is a mixture of white/black, female/male, ranch, and city. The book, although lengthy, will keep your attention
As for the characters, Jesse was a favorite. Born a slave; taken by the master’s son, fighting and falling from blow after blow bestowed upon her, but always getting back up. Jesse is far from perfect, and that made me like her even more. The author showed her strength and her weaknesses. Her love and dedication to the people around her, did she make bad choices/decisions? Of course, she did that made her more human to the reader.
If one can be patient, this historical read is a good read. ‘It can get long in certain areas,’ however, it’s worth a view.

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