Real Recognize Real: Part 1Real Recognize Real: Part 1 by Shawn L. Starling
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This story talks about street life and inner city living. The main character Jason has what is called microwave mentality where he wants everything now, quick, and fast. You could see where Jason was headed from the moment he was introduced in the book. The storyline was easy to follow and comprehend. At times reading the story, you wanted to shake Jason and his crew just for being so stupid.
Explain to them that they may not want life to move that fast! Also be careful what you wish and ask for. Jason seems to be very smart, he just wants to grow up too fast. Jason (Real), thinks the way many teenagers today think, that they have to have everything now! This was the first time that many of the club members had read a book by this author. Real Recognize Real was actually a decent read, it surprised many of us.

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